April 6th/2011

April 7, 2011

6:30 p.m.  @ Jackie Johnston's house.

Meeting Called By:            President, Devon Peters


Attendees:                         Laurie Gillespie, Jackie Johnston, Patti Flann, Mikey Hall, Devon Peters & Taylor Reynolds




Treasurers Report:             Club balance ~$1500



New Business


Clean Up:                           Weedwacking may have to be done before the 1st Gymkhana.

                                             The tower and arena need to be painted

                                             Grandstands -  Seats and some of the braces need to be replaced as they are rotten.

                                              ****Any help would be greatly appreciated. In order to keep the Gymkhana’s going help is needed!! If you can help out, please call Jackie, Mikey or Devon to set up a date and time.


Membership:                      Memberships this year have been raised to the following prices:

                                                      Active Family - $30

                                                      Non Active Family -$40

                                                      Active Single - $20

                                                      Non Active Single - $30


Event-O-Rama:                   Due to the declining numbers of riders in past years, the Event-O-Rama prize will be dropped to $150 from $250. If participation increases this year, raising the amount for next year may be considered.


Signage:                            The sign on the front of the tower will be pulled down so it can be repainted.

                                              Posters will be put on bulletin boards and wooden signs will be put up to advertise the Gymkhana’s.


Miscellaneous:                   -Mikey will stand as acting VP in case President is absent.

                                             -Nikki will be filling in for Patti as Secretary for the beginning of the season.

                                             -$200 cash for Les Barnes for the Gas & etc., for helping the club. –Passed by all

                                             -Devon will talk to Marco about getting rough cut lumber for rails for the arena & bracing for Grandstands.




Meeting Adjourned @ 7:35 p.m.

Next meeting TBA.


Meeting Minutes for May 12, 2010

May 18, 2010

Mile 0 Riding Club

                                 Wednesday, May 12th,2010                                                                        Jackie Johnston house                                           Called to order by Laurie at 7:05 pm


Attendies: Taylor Reynolds, Mikey Hall, Lana Field, Jackie Johnston, Patti Flann and Fallon Flann

 Old Business:

Need to brace the bleachers at the far end of the arena and put up plaque (Reining club)

 Send Thank-you card to Deroy for cooler...

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Clean - Up : March 27, 2010

April 3, 2010

Mile ‘0’ Riding Club

Clean up                                                                                              March 27/2010

Patti, Paige, Peyton Flann, Jackie Johnston, Mikey Hall


The club needs some help with the following work. If you have some time, please come down and lend a hand. In order to make this year a success we need some volunteers. If you would like to help out, give Mikey or Jackie a call and they can let you know what need to be done, and/or...

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March 10th Meeting

March 19, 2010
The March 10th meeting was cancelled. We will be holding a Clean-Up on March 27th @ 10 a.m. Please bring shovels and rakes and any other tools you might think we could use. The more people we have to help out, the more events we can hold. If you have any questions, please call Jackie (250)256-4549 or Nicole (250)256-4954. You can also email us. mileoridingclub@live.ca 
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January 27, 2010

January 30, 2010
7:15 p.m.
Jackie Johnston's House

Meeting Called By:
President, Laurie Gillespie

Patti Flann, Laurie Gillespie, Jackie Johnston, Chris Colburne, Joy Cook, Mikey Hall, Taylor Reynolds

New Executives:

President - Laurie Gillespie           Vice President - Mikey Hall
Secretary - Taylor Reynolds          Treasurer - Jackie Johnston

**Please remember to pay your memberships before the first Gymkha...

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