Next Gymkhana

October 2nd & 3rd, 2010

10 AM Start




This event tests the ability of the rider to go in a 4' opening,

turn around within a 16' diameter circle and run out again

through the 4' opening. The lines should be 100' from the

timing line. Lime or flour can be used to lay out the pattern.

There should be a small mound of dirt, at the end of each

line, covered with lime or flour to mark the entrance. The

area surrounding the line should be raked after each run.


The contestant is disqualified for stepping on or outside the

markings of the circle 


40 ft from the start to the first barrrel. 90 ft between the first the

 barrels. 105 ft to the last barrel. Knocking over a barrel will result

 in a 5 second penalty


Going off course, crossing the finish line before course is completed


20 ft form the start to the flag barrel. 100 ft between the barrel and turning pole.

May start on either side of barrel


1.Dropping the flag

2.Hitting the horse with the flag

3.going off course

4.knocking over the barrel or pole

5.if the flag doesn't remain in the barrel until you cross the finish line


first scurry is 20 ft from the start line.39 ft between each scurry and 21 ft from last scurry to turning pole.Scurries set at 24 for seniors, one notch lower for juniors and another notch lower for PeeWees and Beginners. 5 second penalty for one scurry knocked down


knocking down more than one scurry

going off course

crossing finish line before completing the course

knocking down turning pole


four stakes placed 75 ft apart in a square pattern. Start and finish in center of two stakes placed in the middle of the square 15 ft apart


knocking any stakes over

going off course 

crossing the finish line



20 ft from the start line to the first pole. two poles placed 100 ft apart. May start on either side of the poles. 


knocking over a pole

going off course

crossing the finish line before completing the course

Pole Bending:

6 poles set 21ft apart and the first pole 21ft from the start line. 5 second penalty for knocking down a pole.Start on either side of poles


going off course, crossing finish line before completing the course 

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