7:15 p.m.
Jackie Johnston's House

Meeting Called By:
President, Laurie Gillespie

Patti Flann, Laurie Gillespie, Jackie Johnston, Chris Colburne, Joy Cook, Mikey Hall, Taylor Reynolds

New Executives:

President - Laurie Gillespie           Vice President - Mikey Hall
Secretary - Taylor Reynolds          Treasurer - Jackie Johnston

**Please remember to pay your memberships before the first Gymkhana, otherwise your points won't count.**

Active Single - $15                   Active Family - $25
Non-Active Single - $25            Non-Active Family - $35

Old Business:

Horse Shows: There will be no Horse Shows this year unless there is a significant increase in interest shown.

Tack Sale: Patti will get a hold of Jane Taylor to inquire about her sale/saddles.

Reining Club:
The Reining Club generously donated their money to us ($750). A plaque with their name will be put on the bleachers once they are refurbished.

Burning Permit: Jackie will find out the end date on the burning permit.

New Business:

Roping: Chris brought up the idea to bring roping to the Riding Club Grounds. To start out a dummy calf will be used. This will allow riders of all ages and skill levels to participate. Also, an addition will have to be built to house calves. Jackie will talk to Les about fencing. Chris will also talk to Les about which days/evenings during the week would work. A discussion was held as to whether the Riding Club Membership will also cover roping and vice versa.

**Next meeting will be held at Jackie Johnston's house on Wednesday March 10, 2010 at 7 p.m.**