Mile ‘0’ Riding Club

Clean up                                                                                              March 27/2010

Patti, Paige, Peyton Flann, Jackie Johnston, Mikey Hall


The club needs some help with the following work. If you have some time, please come down and lend a hand. In order to make this year a success we need some volunteers. If you would like to help out, give Mikey or Jackie a call and they can let you know what need to be done, and/or lend you the tools to do so.


Picked up recycling and garbage

Needs to Done:


·         Paint floors and finish painting the walls

·         Bob DeRoy donated a cooler, Thank-you card to be sent out

·         Electrical check up on grill

·         Pick up garbage cans for recycling (2)



·         Hand rails NEED to be put up

·         Paint the rails & floor on top of stairs

·         Dig out under the tower so equipment fits better

·         Need to pick up a new lock for storage area for equipment

·         Need 2 new chairs for inside the tower


·         Clean out- sweeping, and wash

·         Put garbage cans inside

·         Find toilet and Scott towel holders (coffee cans?) – to keep away from mice

·         Mikey to make 3 bathroom keys, (Patti, Laurie & herself)



·         Sweep & spray out ( Spiders & other unwanted insects/animals)

·         Replace toilet & Scott towel holders ( coffee cans)

·         Weed whack by outhouses in holding area


Small Arena/pens:

·         Laurie & Chris cleaned out arena & small pens ( Thank-you)

·         Signs made up to remind users to clean up after their horses

·         2 boards need replacing

·         Bring hammers, to re hammer ALL the boards in the small arena again


·         Posts need replacing ½ way down the left side to holding area


·         17 -20 boards need replacing

·         Main gate needs to be lifted & re nailed ( dragging on the ground)

New Signs

·         PLEASE KEEP BACK ( run out)

·         Riders only past this point

·         Enter at your own risk

·         <<<<<<Lettering done in RED paint>>>>>>>>


·         First gymkhana is APRIL 25/10 – 10 AM start

·         Remember to renew your memberships prior to first gymkhana- for all points to count!

·         You can call in and pay at the gymkhana



**Please remember to pay your memberships before the first Gymkhana, otherwise your points won't count.**


Active Single - $15                   Active Family - $25
Non-Active Single - $25            Non-Active Family - $35



Taylor Reynolds or Mikey Hall @ 250-256-4954

Jackie Johnston @ 250-256-4549