Mile 0 Riding Club

                                 Wednesday, May 12th,2010                                                                        Jackie Johnston house                                           Called to order by Laurie at 7:05 pm


Attendies: Taylor Reynolds, Mikey Hall, Lana Field, Jackie Johnston, Patti Flann and Fallon Flann

 Old Business:

Need to brace the bleachers at the far end of the arena and put up plaque (Reining club)

 Send Thank-you card to Deroy for cooler

 Jackie talked to Les and East Lillooet and they are both a yes for roping. East Lillooets conditions are that whoever rides MUST be a member of Horse Council and the Riding Club. They will give us a 1 year trial basis.

 New Business:

 Make a date for painting the rails (June)

 Get more rails for arena, Laurie to get a quote from Builders World, we need maybe 5 more

 Need to fix the gate in the round pen 

Laurie to call Tim Paradis on used ties (CN)

Starting to post previous eventarama points at the start of each gymkhana so people can see their times and points   Laurie to email Mandi about mess up, or anyone to talk to her when they see her or Phil

Jackie and Laurie to measure the braces needed for bleachers and seats and find out prices from Builders World

 Mention a Thank you to Les for all the hard work 

Meeting ended at 7:40 pm